Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough The Civic Festhall

LimeFX the linguist

But she also has some excellent weapons and charms. And if you’re on an evil path, you can sell one of your companions into slavery here. This is the place where the prostitutes’ sensory stones are stored. The sensory stones store the sensations of the young ladies. Open up your inventory and use the portal key you got from the foundry. Use the blood of Kessai-Seris to activate the portal key and the party will then be transported to Ravel’s Maze.

  • Give the receipt to the clerk inside and he will give the party a portal key.
  • Open up your inventory and use the portal key you got from the foundry.
  • Dolora will now tell you that the reason Ecco can’t speak is because her voice was stolen.
  • Give him the code for your legacy, and he will give the party several items and documents, one of which is a receipt for an item you commissioned the Godsmen to build.
  • Go to the Godsmen’s foundry in the Lower Ward of Sigil.

You can read the scroll to find that it is trapped (you will take 36 HP damage). Then return to Elobrande to learn that the scroll was given to her mother by someone who was apparently mad (an earlier incarnation of yours). If Fall-From-Grace is not yet in your party you will have to wait while the tailor works (be patient – it matters!), then buy the Dustman costume for 30 copper pieces.

Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone

Go back out and deliver it to Malmaner (8,000 XP), then tell him that Goncalves told you there were many people going as Dustmen. Offer to fetch him another costume, enter again, and buy the Godsman costume for 50 copper pieces. The large cupboard in Ecco’s room can be looted for 102 copper pieces. Marissa’s room can be looted for 12 copper pieces and a Silver Earring. Once Marissa has her veil back, you can ask her to turn a Lim-Lim into stone for you if you have bought a Lim-Lim at the Hive Market (Southwestern Hive Sector). You can then give the Stone Lim-Lim to Giltspur in the Lower Ward in return for the password to an Anarchist safehouse.

Eli Havelock at 15 is the thief-tutor of the Civic Festhall. With a Wisdom of at least 13 you can convince him to return to training thieves for 12,000 XP. Salabash the Onyx at 7 is a mage who wants to become mage-tutor at the Civic Festhall. If you have already met the cursed performer at 22, you can learn that it was Salabash who cursed him. This item can be interacted with to learn/remember the Uyo language with the use of the Speak with Dead ability, which helps unlock the Dodecahedron. The name on the Sensory Stone at 12 has been erased.

How to Find Ravel’s Maze in Planescape Torment

You’ll gain a journal entry about this stone but you won’t learn anything else about it. His name is Luis, and he claims to be here with the tacit understanding of the ladies – which is bending the truth, to say the least! If you try to blackmail him, he will simply trick you. Once you learn that he has stolen Marissa’s veil and Vivian’s scent, you can try to take the veil back from him.

LimeFX the linguist

Listen to his lecture and make sure to ask all the questions you can. You will regain a memory (1,500 XP) of yourself serving in the Blood War. If you have bought the stained lens from Vrischika’s Curiosity Shoppe, you will know that Ghysis got out of his tour in the Blood War by betraying two of his comrades. If pressed, Ghysis will tell you how he fed them to the Pillar of Skulls in Avernus in return for information on how to escape.

LimeFX’s Book

You should already have better weapons but the splinter is also valuable as a sellable item. But she will find that you have no fortune and returns your money to you. When you say goodbye, she will give you a scroll that apparently was meant for you.

  • You can confess this to Fin and apologize, or you can stay silent about it.
  • The first time you enter here, you will find Pestle-Kilnn at 2.
  • When used from the Quick Items menu, this item causes an attacker to feel the same pain as the user – i.e., the attacker suffers the same damage as yourself.
  • Unfulfilled-Desire at 3 can help you remove one of your desires.

Yves’ cupboard can be looted for 96 copper pieces, a Love Letter and a Handkerchief. You can tell Yves the tales you have learned through your travels, and she will in return tell you a tale. You can also get Morte, Dak’kon, Annah and Nordom to trade one tale each with her. If you have promised Hargrimm and Stale Mary not to tell anyone about the Silent King, then breaking your vow and telling Yves the tale is a very Chaotic act.

The Temple of Elemental Evil

The two locked chests at 4 can be burgled for a total of 137 copper pieces, a Silver Bracelet and a Silver Earring. Unfulfilled-Desire’s drawer can be looted for 34 copper pieces. Also, the Tattoo of Sensation and the Tattoo of the Sensates become available in Fell’s Tattoo Parlor. Can be returned to LimeFX in exchange for his father’s notes on the Uyo language (which helps unlock the Dodecahedron) and 25,000 XP. Once you have joined the Anarchists, you can buy items from Conall and rest at the Warehouse.

LimeFX Holdings

Confront Kesai-Serris with this and she will ask her father, and finally accept the truth. Once you have the keys, return them to Dolora for a whopping 30,000 XP. Dolora will now tell you that the reason Ecco can’t speak is because her voice was stolen. You need this information to give Ecco her voice back. Finally, you can ask Grace if she would like to join you on your travels.

You should know from Act 3 that he also works for Many-As-One, the Cranium Rat collective. Tell him (politely) that you are on a quest from Lothar. Or, buy the poisoned cheese from the merchant Giltspur in the Lower Ward and give it to Mantouk, who will immediately die. Of course you will still have to fight his Wererats after killing their leader. 😉 Search Mantouk’s body for his skull and a very interesting book.

You can do this with a Dexterity of 16, with a Strength of 16, or by begging and whining for the veil until he relents. In reality Kesai-Serris is Ravel’s daughter, which you can learn from Ecco. Then you need to learn from Juliette that Kesai-Serris and Kimasxi Adder-Tongue are half-sisters. Finally, you need to learn from Kimasxi that they are indeed half-sisters, and that Kesai is the daughter of Ravel.

But you do earn a total of 6,000 XP for enduring her sad tale, and you learn that she has left a legacy for you – all you need to do now is claim the legacy at the Advocate. Here you can experience the sensations that Sensates have recorded for your enjoyment. Unfulfilled-Desire at 3 can help you remove one of your desires.

If Morte is not in your party, you will still have to speak to Lothar and perform his quests in order to learn what to do next. The first time you enter here, Vrischika at 2 will have a thing or two limefx scammers to say about Morte and not least Fall-From-Grace. She will accuse Morte of lying and Fall-From-Grace of being a spy for the Baatezu and claim that the Brothel is a training ground for her agents.

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